“Sermon” on Days of our Lives 11/26/2021

Loved this on Days! ❤️

Julie, speaking and standing up to Satan-possessed Marlena to protect Doug:

Julie: “I have loved this man for over 50 years! I will continue to love him all the DAYS OF OUR LIVES that we have left, and I would rather die than see you strike him down again!”

Satan- possessed Marlena: “That could be arranged.”

Julie: “Oh, I know you!!!

I know you have the power to break a pair of handcuffs. You even have the power to crawl into an honest beautiful man, and a beautiful kind woman to wreck your chaos.

But I know you!

I know you’re nothing but an odious lying trickster.

I have a power too! A power that you have forsaken eons ago.

It’s the Power of Love!!!

God is Love, Satan!!

And God stands with those who Love!
Love is what gives us our souls.
Love is what makes us human.

And after all your evil and all your destruction is forgotten, it’s Love! – Unbreakable! Everlasting! that will prevail. The God of love is stronger than your hatred, and stronger than your lies.

You CANNOT defeat us!!

And now that the truth is out, now that everyone knows you for the loathesome creature that you are, now that the truth is visible, the walls are going to close in, and it’s over!”

Stay tuned! ⏳

(This Soap Opera has been around for 21 years, since 1965! Doug and Julie met on the set many many years ago, and then became a real-life couple, in addition to marrying on the show. They truly are still married!)